How many styles in Babeeni Easter collection? (Part 7)

Apart from smocked pajamas and smocked loungewear, baby girls still have a kind of charming dress for sleeping time, it is smocked night dress. Today, I will share some information of Easter night dress. Let’s read!

Night dress

Nightdress for sleeping time is various styles as long as it has loose form. For baby girl, it is designed with long sleeves or short sleeves and widen towards the hem. It is simple and does not have any decorations. Instead, smocked pattern is embroidered securely on the bodice and ruffles are added at neck, hem.  There are always buttons at back for easily putting on and off. With smocked nightdress, your daughter will feel comfortable when moving or sleeping.

Bunny with egg basket dress – DR 2092

DR 2092.jpg


Feature: Pretty smocked dress for Easter with bunny and egg basket smocked patterns on the chest, long sleeves, ruffle at neck, cuffs and hem

Material: White plain fabric + pink chevron fabric

That is final style of Easter collection. Hope that you enjoy my blog!

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How many styles in Babeeni Easter collection? (Part 3)

In the previous parts, I introduced to you some first styles in Easter collection. Today I will continue with the third ones. Let’s read!


Two-piece smocked pajama is a two-piece-outfit that has a separate shirt and bottom. The waistline on the pants is usually elastic and some children sometimes find it irritating having that around their stomach. You can let your baby wear them in both summer and winter season depending on the materials and the design of the garment you choose from. For example, long sleeved smocked pajamas that are made of fleece or flannel material will be suitable for winter. Short sleeved smocked pajamas that are made of cotton fabric will be the good choice for summer.

Easter smocked pajamas for little boys – PJ 033

PJ 033

Feature:  Smocked pajama, long sleeves, bunny with eggs basket embroidered patterns on the chest

Material: White plain fabric

That is smocked pajamas of Easter collection. Please wait for next part to discover more!

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