How many styles in Babeeni Easter collection? (Part 7)

Apart from smocked pajamas and smocked loungewear, baby girls still have a kind of charming dress for sleeping time, it is smocked night dress. Today, I will share some information of Easter night dress. Let’s read!

Night dress

Nightdress for sleeping time is various styles as long as it has loose form. For baby girl, it is designed with long sleeves or short sleeves and widen towards the hem. It is simple and does not have any decorations. Instead, smocked pattern is embroidered securely on the bodice and ruffles are added at neck, hem.  There are always buttons at back for easily putting on and off. With smocked nightdress, your daughter will feel comfortable when moving or sleeping.

Bunny with egg basket dress – DR 2092

DR 2092.jpg


Feature: Pretty smocked dress for Easter with bunny and egg basket smocked patterns on the chest, long sleeves, ruffle at neck, cuffs and hem

Material: White plain fabric + pink chevron fabric

That is final style of Easter collection. Hope that you enjoy my blog!

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Some notes when storing hand smocked clothes

Hand smocked clothes are beautiful but they are not worn for all seasons. When weather changes, the clothes should be store for next time. But how to store them in the right way is not known by almost people. So today, I will share some tips in storing progress. Let’s read!

trick or treat smocking dress

  • Use plastic container with a lid instead of cardboard
  • Place in dry and clean place, not in wet, flammable and dirty place
  • Put into some desiccants
  • Washout any stain carefully before
  • Dry outside in airy place as long as keep smocked clothing colors and get out moisture
  • Fold hand smocked clothes for more space in closet.


Those are some basic notes about storing children smocked clothes I want to share with you. In case you want to read more other tips, please visit our blog at babeeni.com. Hope that this article will be useful to you!

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Exquisite smocked dresses for children on Halloween

Smocked dresses are becoming updated continually with many modern styles and pretty patterns. On Halloween occasion, girl hand smocked dresses are popular choices for kids. Let’s see some newest designs!

Pumpkin cat and pumpkin boo smocked bishop dress – DR 1978

Halloween smocked dresses

Feature:  Smocked bishop dress for Halloween with cute pumpkin cat and pumpkin Boo hand smocked pattern around the neck, short sleeve

Material: Purple gingham

Halloween lime green quatrefoil bishop dress – DR 1970

trick or treat smocking dress

Feature:  Beautiful hand smocked bishop dress for Halloween with pumpkin basket in the middle between “Trick” and “Treat” colourful text, orange zigzag, short sleeves

Material: Lime green quatrefoil

Witch and cat hand smocked dresses – DR 1974

witch smocked dress

Feature:  Hand smocked dress for baby girl with witch and cat hand smocked pattern, long sleeves, lovely ruffle

Material: yellow plain and purple plain

The dress that is embroidered around the neck or on the bodice and added smocked panel on called smocked dress. You could choose some picture patterns related to Halloween for funny. Please visit and sign up Babeeni.com to see full Halloween smocked dresses!

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