Some notes when storing hand smocked clothes

Hand smocked clothes are beautiful but they are not worn for all seasons. When weather changes, the clothes should be store for next time. But how to store them in the right way is not known by almost people. So today, I will share some tips in storing progress. Let’s read!

trick or treat smocking dress

  • Use plastic container with a lid instead of cardboard
  • Place in dry and clean place, not in wet, flammable and dirty place
  • Put into some desiccants
  • Washout any stain carefully before
  • Dry outside in airy place as long as keep smocked clothing colors and get out moisture
  • Fold hand smocked clothes for more space in closet.


Those are some basic notes about storing children smocked clothes I want to share with you. In case you want to read more other tips, please visit our blog at babeeni.com. Hope that this article will be useful to you!

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Introduce the latest designs of baby smocked swimwear (part 2)

Swimwear is a must have item in summer, not for adults but for children also. Developing the strength of smocked clothing, Babeeni has created smocked swimwear for children. In this article, I would like to introduce about Babeeni smocked boy swimwear.

cotton smocked swim trunk for baby boy

  1. Boy swim trunk

One of the most important criteria in all clothing is fabric materials, especially materials for children. Because children’s skin is kind of sensitive, it should be baby-friendly material. Understand this issue, Babeeni has used 100% cotton as the main material in order to produce smocked boy swimwear, with variety of fabric like stripe, seersucker, chevron, gingham

Smocked swim trunks for baby boys are designed in traditional, most-often-seen forms which bring comfortable to children. Most of Babeeni boy swim shorts feature adjustable drawstring waists for a secure and customized fit. Cute smocked patterns are remarkable with various sea animals like whale, seahorse, starfish, octopus, etc and related things as anchor, beach ball, palm tree, and so on. In addition, swimwear colors are bright summer colors, such as blue, green, pink, yellow, orange, navy.

I have shared some information about smocked swimwear for baby boy. Hope you enjoy!

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Introduce the latest designs of baby smocked swimwear (part 1)

Summer is time for vacation, picnic and beach with sunshine. It will be fantastic! Surely, it will be a deficiency if you have not prepared for them some designs of swimwear. In order to make your kids more outstanding, right in this October, Babeeni has released some initial designs of smocked swimwear for baby girl and swim trunk for baby boy. Are you curious? Let’s see!

star smocked swimwear

  1. Girl swimwear

Smocked swimwear for baby girl in Babeeni comes in various styles, such as bikini, tankini or onepiece. It is often made of cotton fabric material, specially, since cotton is a kind of baby-friendly material. Understand this issue, Babeeni has used 100% cotton as the main material in order to produce smocked boy swimwear, with variety of fabric like stripe, seersucker, chevron, gingham. Let’s see an example design below!

In case you are interested in smocked swimwear, please visit babeeni.com to see more designs!

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What is smocked bubble?

Smocked bubble is worn by baby at the age from 3 month to 2 years. It is very convenient and loved by a lot of mothers. What is it?

A bubble is an outfit that is all one piece and is blousy around the body. A bubble can be either short with the leg holes around the thigh or long with the leg holes around the ankles.

hand smocked bubble

Smocked bubbles can be worn by both boy and girls. They make children look so lovely and active. Simple design doesn’t harm children’s acting, so children can play comfortably in all day. Children smocked bubble is also easy to dress and mix clothes. Mothers can use own creation to make new styles for your angels.

As other kinds of smocked clothing, smocked bubble is highlight with lovely smocked patterns that represent for holiday on the body. Smocked baby bubbles have many designs such as long sleeves, short sleeves, angel sleeves or sleeveless, collar or no collar…

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Tips before purchasing baby car seat (Part 2)

In the previous part, I shared with you 2 first tips about choosing baby car seat. Let’s read final tips below!

3. Do not buy an unknown second-hand car seat

You cannot have instruction of second-hand car seat. It is likely to be older and not designed to current standard. Protection for your baby will be also gradually reduced.

You only accept a toddlers’ car seat from relatives that is not too old, you know about origin of it carefully.

geometric hand smocked car seat cover

4. Make sure that you can return the car seat

You come back home and find that the car seat does not suitable for your child or your car. The child car seat should be immediately replaced by another suitable car seat. In unfortunate case, they do not have your suitable car seat, you make sure to receive refund, but it only happened in a short time since you buy the first car seat.

I have shared you some tips to buy a right kid car seat. Hope this information is useful!
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Tips before purchasing baby car seat (Part 1)

There are many baby car seat models for you to choose. But safe factor is always the first thing that parents consider. Today, I will suggest you some tips to buy a favorite car seat.

  1. Check car seat

Checking material, design, color and parameter whether the car seat fits with height and weight of your child. You should avoid tough seat and some fabrics that allergy to your kids. In addition, you choose some adorable details, baby car seat that can describe your kid character.

White traditional hand smocked car seat cover LC 01

geometric hand smocked car seat cover
Smocked car seat cover, beautiful traditional hand embroidered pattern in the front of padded footmuff.

You also check that the seat meets the United Nations standard Regulation 44.04 and look for the ‘E’ mark or meet the new size standard.

  1. Have experienced person consult you

You should find someone who can try the seat in your car before you buy it. Or you can ask for trained staff to help you know what kind of car seat has high quality and is appropriate with your baby.

Smocked Car Seat Cover for kids – LC 06

Smocked Car Seat Cover for kids
Smocked car seat cover, beautiful hand-smocked embroidered pattern ( a long train) in the front of padded footmuff

I have share some experiences when buying car seat for baby. Please wait for next part to read more!

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Introduce about adorable kid robes collection from Babeeni overstock

Kid robe is an indispensable thing after having a bath or swimming in pools, beaches. Do you want to know more about kid robe? Let’s discover now!

  1. Advantages of kid robe

Kid robe is a loose outer garment, used after have a bath. It absorbs remaining water on baby’s body, helps to keep child’s body warm. When your child in bathroom, it’s warm, but as soon as he goes outside, it’s a cold atmosphere to him.

blue whale bathrobe for baby

  1. Fabric

Bathrobes at Babeeni are made of white terry cotton which absorbs remaining water and sweat well. Mothers won’t be worry about allergies and rashes on baby’s skin.

  1. Smocked pattern

Adorable baby robes are design into 2 patterns: hand smocked and appliqué. Babeeni used high quality and high-colored thread to make smocking patterns, so they are look so eye catching and attractive.

I have shared some information about Babeeni kid robe, hope you enjoy it. Let’s visit to http://www.babeenioverstock.com to see full range of baby bathrobe.

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