How many styles in Babeeni Easter collection? (Part 3)

In the previous parts, I introduced to you some first styles in Easter collection. Today I will continue with the third ones. Let’s read!


Two-piece smocked pajama is a two-piece-outfit that has a separate shirt and bottom. The waistline on the pants is usually elastic and some children sometimes find it irritating having that around their stomach. You can let your baby wear them in both summer and winter season depending on the materials and the design of the garment you choose from. For example, long sleeved smocked pajamas that are made of fleece or flannel material will be suitable for winter. Short sleeved smocked pajamas that are made of cotton fabric will be the good choice for summer.

Easter smocked pajamas for little boys – PJ 033

PJ 033

Feature:  Smocked pajama, long sleeves, bunny with eggs basket embroidered patterns on the chest

Material: White plain fabric

That is smocked pajamas of Easter collection. Please wait for next part to discover more!

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How many styles in Babeeni Easter collection? (Part 1)

Easter is a festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, described in the New Testament as having occurred on the third day of his burial after his crucifixion by Romans at Calvary c. 30 AD.

Enjoying with Easter theme, Babeeni has just launched some smocked clothes in Easter collection. There are a lot of styles for both baby boys and girls.


A cardigan is a type of knitted garment that has an open front. Commonly cardigans have buttons: a garment that is tied is instead considered a robe. A more modern version of the garment has no buttons and hangs open by design.

Cute bunny’s face appliqued sweater for little girl – ST 015

ST 015

Feature: Cute sweater with bunny appliqued pattern on the lap, long sleeves, round neckline, front button

Material: + 100% baby acrylic yarn + 3D bow

That is the first and newest style of Easter collection. Please wait for next part to discover more!

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Introduce about adorable kid robes collection from Babeeni overstock

Kid robe is an indispensable thing after having a bath or swimming in pools, beaches. Do you want to know more about kid robe? Let’s discover now!

  1. Advantages of kid robe

Kid robe is a loose outer garment, used after have a bath. It absorbs remaining water on baby’s body, helps to keep child’s body warm. When your child in bathroom, it’s warm, but as soon as he goes outside, it’s a cold atmosphere to him.

blue whale bathrobe for baby

  1. Fabric

Bathrobes at Babeeni are made of white terry cotton which absorbs remaining water and sweat well. Mothers won’t be worry about allergies and rashes on baby’s skin.

  1. Smocked pattern

Adorable baby robes are design into 2 patterns: hand smocked and appliqué. Babeeni used high quality and high-colored thread to make smocking patterns, so they are look so eye catching and attractive.

I have shared some information about Babeeni kid robe, hope you enjoy it. Let’s visit to http://www.babeenioverstock.com to see full range of baby bathrobe.

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Thanks for regarding!

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