How many styles in Babeeni Easter collection? (Part 5)

Through previous parts, I introduced to you some first styles for baby girls in Easter collection. Surely, you are excited to see clothing style for baby boy. Let’s read and discover!


A longall is a boy’s one piece outfit that has long pants. It is often designed with sleeveless style; buttons are set on the shoulders and snaps are at crotch for easily dressing. Moreover, smocked pattern is usually embroidered on the horizontal line on the bodice. When wearing hand smocked longalls, your son will be outstanding.

In Fall-winter you also could wear a t-shirt inside in order to keep him warm.

Three bunnies smocked longalls for Easter – BC 586

BC 586.jpg

Feature: Cute smocked longalls for Easter with three bunnies smocked pattern on the chest, buttons on the shoulders

Material: Aqua plain fabric

That is smocked longall of Easter collection. Please wait for next part to discover more!

Thank you for reading!



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