Some notes when storing hand smocked clothes

Hand smocked clothes are beautiful but they are not worn for all seasons. When weather changes, the clothes should be store for next time. But how to store them in the right way is not known by almost people. So today, I will share some tips in storing progress. Let’s read!

trick or treat smocking dress

  • Use plastic container with a lid instead of cardboard
  • Place in dry and clean place, not in wet, flammable and dirty place
  • Put into some desiccants
  • Washout any stain carefully before
  • Dry outside in airy place as long as keep smocked clothing colors and get out moisture
  • Fold hand smocked clothes for more space in closet.


Those are some basic notes about storing children smocked clothes I want to share with you. In case you want to read more other tips, please visit our blog at babeeni.com. Hope that this article will be useful to you!

Thank you for reading!