What is smocked bubble?

Smocked bubble is worn by baby at the age from 3 month to 2 years. It is very convenient and loved by a lot of mothers. What is it?

A bubble is an outfit that is all one piece and is blousy around the body. A bubble can be either short with the leg holes around the thigh or long with the leg holes around the ankles.

hand smocked bubble

Smocked bubbles can be worn by both boy and girls. They make children look so lovely and active. Simple design doesn’t harm children’s acting, so children can play comfortably in all day. Children smocked bubble is also easy to dress and mix clothes. Mothers can use own creation to make new styles for your angels.

As other kinds of smocked clothing, smocked bubble is highlight with lovely smocked patterns that represent for holiday on the body. Smocked baby bubbles have many designs such as long sleeves, short sleeves, angel sleeves or sleeveless, collar or no collar…

Thank you for reading!



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