Introduce the latest designs of baby smocked swimwear (part 2)

Swimwear is a must have item in summer, not for adults but for children also. Developing the strength of smocked clothing, Babeeni has created smocked swimwear for children. In this article, I would like to introduce about Babeeni smocked boy swimwear.

cotton smocked swim trunk for baby boy

  1. Boy swim trunk

One of the most important criteria in all clothing is fabric materials, especially materials for children. Because children’s skin is kind of sensitive, it should be baby-friendly material. Understand this issue, Babeeni has used 100% cotton as the main material in order to produce smocked boy swimwear, with variety of fabric like stripe, seersucker, chevron, gingham

Smocked swim trunks for baby boys are designed in traditional, most-often-seen forms which bring comfortable to children. Most of Babeeni boy swim shorts feature adjustable drawstring waists for a secure and customized fit. Cute smocked patterns are remarkable with various sea animals like whale, seahorse, starfish, octopus, etc and related things as anchor, beach ball, palm tree, and so on. In addition, swimwear colors are bright summer colors, such as blue, green, pink, yellow, orange, navy.

I have shared some information about smocked swimwear for baby boy. Hope you enjoy!

Thank you for reading!



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