Tips before purchasing baby car seat (Part 2)

In the previous part, I shared with you 2 first tips about choosing baby car seat. Let’s read final tips below!

3. Do not buy an unknown second-hand car seat

You cannot have instruction of second-hand car seat. It is likely to be older and not designed to current standard. Protection for your baby will be also gradually reduced.

You only accept a toddlers’ car seat from relatives that is not too old, you know about origin of it carefully.

geometric hand smocked car seat cover

4. Make sure that you can return the car seat

You come back home and find that the car seat does not suitable for your child or your car. The child car seat should be immediately replaced by another suitable car seat. In unfortunate case, they do not have your suitable car seat, you make sure to receive refund, but it only happened in a short time since you buy the first car seat.

I have shared you some tips to buy a right kid car seat. Hope this information is useful!
Thank you for your attention!

Lacey from Lewave team.


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