5 popular smocked dresses for baby girl in the summer (Part 2)

5 popular smocked dresses for baby girl in the summer (Part 2)

In the previous post, I share with you 2 kinds of smocked dresses: a-line smocked dress and smocked sundress. Today, I will continue sharing the rests. Let’s discover!

 3. Pillow case dress

Pillowcase dress is an adorable dress with plain, sleeveless, colourful. The traditional method of making pillowcase dresses creates a drawstring casing around the child’s neck, which makes the dresses adjustable for a growing child. This method eliminates the drawstring casing which can be a choking hazard (using elastic instead) while preserving the adjustability of ties.

pillow case dress

 4. Bishop dress

A smocked bishop dress is a loose fitting, comfortable dress style with hand smocked neckline and short sleeves.

This smocked dresses kind at Babeeni is often made from soft fabrics such as plain, seersucker, gingham, quatrefoil, chevron… With the diversity of style and colour, you can buy which colour matches your daughter best.

Pumpkin cat and pumpkin boo smocked bishop dress – DR 1978

hand smocked baby grow

Feature:  Smocked bishop dress for Halloween with cute pumpkin cat and pumpkin Boo hand smocked pattern around the neck, short sleeve

Material: Purple gingham

 5. Peasants dress

Peasants dress can be also designed with details like puffed sleeves or low necklines in a typical manner of German folk clothing. Peasants dress at Babeeni is often plain and casual that makes your angels feel convenient when wearing peasant dress in the summer.

peasant dress

I have just suggested you some styles of summer smocked dresses. Hope you enjoy and choose the best dress for your daughter.

Thank you for reading!

Anne from Babeeni team


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