3 reasons why baby should wear cotton in summer

During summer our bodies tend to perspire on smocked clothes more in order to cool down. Children are very active and always full of sweat. In this scenario, cotton is a rescue fabric. According to the Cotton Council International, cotton is a naturally grown fabric and is known for its numerous advantages. Let’s discover it now!

  1. Cotton is a well absorbent

Children are very playful. Therefore, they are sweating lots. So your child should wear clothes made by cotton material. Because cotton allows better air circulation, it can absorb and remove body moisture caused by sweat.

hand smocked baby grow

  1. Cotton is comfortable

Cotton is light in weight and easy to wear for young kid. Pure cotton fabric is often in bright colours unless it is dyed. That lets the light pass through instead of absorbing heat likes dark synthetic fabric. So, wearing loose cotton smocked clothes, your active toddler does not feel hot any more in the summer.

hand smocked bubble

  1. Cotton prevents fungi breeding

Healthy skin is an expected thing that parents want for their child. Because of sensitive skin, children can easily suffer from rashes, allergies. Heat and moisture are the essential things required for the development of microorganisms. If your son wears cotton clothes, his skin is often cool and dry, you can avoid both skin diseases and keep his skin free from fungi development. On the other hand, synthetic fabrics cause rashes, skin allergies and body odor as they tend to trap moisture.

smocked onsies

 When summer approaches again, make sure you bring out all your cotton clothes for your children, preferably light colour ones, your sunglasses, hat or a scarf and get ready to embrace the heat!

Thank you for reading!



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